HONATSUGI bicycle shop

HONATSUGI bicycle shop

for Kids, for Commuters and for Students are also available

 HONATSUGI bicycle shop is the nearest shop being able to communicate in English, from Atsugi, Ebina, Ayase, Isehara, Hadano and Samukawa-town in Kanagawa prefecture.


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Honatsugi branch is located in the middle of Atsugi City and you can reach it coming from Honatsugi station in five minutes. Parking spaces: Atsugi-Central-Park-parking-lots are available underneath the same district, so you can always come by car. Over fifty bicycles are on display. In the central Kanagawa prefecture area, CHIBA CYCLE Honatsugi branch is the sole bicycle shop that provides a test ride for all displayed bicycles before purchase. After testing the bicycles of your choice, you can talk with our highly bicycle-literate staff in our spacious and comfortable store to get the best bicycle for you.


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Convenient location: 5 minutes on foot from Honatsugi station.
Note: please use Atsugi-Central-Park-parking lots, underneath the same district.



zip code: 243-0003

address: 3-1-1 Kotobukicho Atsugi city Kanagawa

open: 10:00~20:00

closed: every Thursday, and the second and the third Wednesday of the month
(We are open if Wednesday or Thursday drop on a national holiday.)

tel: 046-204-9724

email: honatsugi@chibacycle.com



access: 5 minutes on foot from Honatsugi station



Trek is the No. 1  American brand and is also well known proudly as the No. 1 producer of bicycles in the world in terms of quantity. After-sales service is thorough and considerate, so you can feel at ease even after purchasing your bicycle.

Parts and accessories brand produced by Trek. Quality of all the products are high and well-acknowledged, so even non-Trek cyclists also support them.



Motoki Sanpei

I am enthusiastic in road bikes so I am here working at Chiba Cycle. I like cycling especially to Hakone because being able to reach it gives me so much fulfillment and satisfaction. If you need help with your bicycle, I’m your guy.



Hiroshi Abe

I personally enjoy riding TREK cross bikes mainly for strengthening and maintaining my physical health. I ride my TREK cross bike wherever my cycling leads me. I’m very social and I enjoy eating. Restaurants that I come across during cycling tend to lure me in. Please tell me of your favorite restaurants! I am a repainting specialist. Let me know when you need help!